Monday, 9 January 2012

EVERLYNN skincare that cares for ur skin

The EVERLYNN philosophy focuses on natural beauty from the Inside/Out and infuses all our products with superfruits/plants from FRANCE as well as super high levels of vitamins & nutrients.

Skin care means taking care of your skin, not covering up blemishes and wrinkles. EVERLYNN products are based on sound scientific research, and are formulated with the extracts of plants, fruits & active ingredients designed to help you achieve healthy looking and feeling skin.

If you are looking to avoid surgery or injections with toxins like Botox, select your skin care program from EVERLYNN. Almost all EVERLYNN products can be used on every type and age of skin... We are so sure our products will help you achieve the healthy & glowing skin.

No more expensive Botox injections, plastic surgery, or lasers. A EVERLYNN products that can make you look glowing,youthful skin and feel younger in 30 days. Try it 100% completely for 30 days

PERHATIAN semua pada yg masih keliru,
EVERLYNN mengeluarkan 4 produk utama:
1. Set Skincare RM139.90
2. Serum Collagen RM120
3. Purifying Treatment Cream RM119.90
4. Oxygenate Collagen Sheet Mask RM13.90/pc
kepada yg berminat boleh call/sms : 017-9039439 / 019-2468494 (dira)
p/s : bleh refer blog ini -->  EVERLYNN 

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